Slum Village, Trinity (past, present and future)

By Kris Kotarski

On first listen, I could have sworn Slum Village and Blackalicious were the same act. Mind you, that’s not a bad thing, but the laid-back first single on Trinity, “Tainted,” sounded a lot like “Feel that way,” the first single on Blackalicious’ latest release Blazing Arrow.

"Tainted" has that same infectious vibe that gets caught in my head, drives me nuts until I download the track, inevitably causes me to download more tracks from the artist and finally leads to me the record store to buy the cd. It happened with "Feel that way," it happened with "Tainted," and a long time ago, it happened with "You got me," my favourite track by The Roots.

On that note, if you’re the thrifty type, don’t listen to "Tainted." It’ll lead you to other excellent tracks like "Star," "Slumber" and the bonus track "Fall in love." Then you’ll have to buy the cd, enjoy it, and you’ll be out 20 bucks.

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