Spirituality alive on campus

By Adriana Hunstad

Religion plays an important role in many people’s lives. For some students, many decisions are influenced by their religion. For those seeking more spirituality, the U of C offers a Chaplain Centre.

At the Chaplain Centre, chaplains are there for any questions or concerns students may have. While only Christian faith practitioners are available, there is a network for other faiths like Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, and others.

"We help people get connected with resources they need for spirituality and make meaning of what they go through," said Pentecostal Chaplain Kelly Johnson. "We are here to help guide students."

The centre offers programs for those interested in giving back to the community. These include helping at the Mustard Seed, participating in the 30-hour Famine, and building houses in Mexico for the poor. They also host cheap lunches for students to interact with the chaplains and other students, and hold workshops dealing with issues like education and relationships.

"Once a month, we gather for corporate time of worship and singing [for Christian groups]," said Johnson. "It’s in the ballroom on the first Thursday of every month, except September."

There is also a meditation room for personal prayer. Muslims frequently use it for prayer, and the room is the weekly meeting spot for a Zen Buddhist group.

"We help encourage young people in their development," said Johnson. "Many are thankful there is someone here to talk to about spiritual issues."

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