Tegan and Sara, If It Was You

By Sara Grawbarger

Siblings tend to have love-hate relationships. However, they often also possess a closeness that has bred many successful music groups in the past. Whether it’s Tegan and Sara’s similarities or tensions that are responsible for the way they compliment each other, they have created something phenomenal with their second disc, If It Was You.

The dynamic duo have achieved songs emotionally uninhibited by the rigid lyrical format and clean manufactured vocals featured in a lot of music. Their rough vocals are the perfect articulation for lyrics that are an outpouring of personality and feeling. Tegan and Sara’s in-your-face approach is tempered by the strength of the sentiment behind their songs. "City Girl," for instance, starts off with the passion of a screaming fight and ends with smoke signals meant to chase away a lost love’s wolves.

In terms of musical style, the tracks on If It Was You are diverse. They include quick strumming, slow drum beats, sneaky guitar runs and the occasional banjo. These help each song find its own beguiling pulse.

If you’re ready for some atypical tunes that will get stuck in your head and camp out there for days, look no further.

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