CJSW drives the distance

Starting Fri., Oct. 18 and running to Oct. 25, CJSW will hold its eighteenth annual funding drive.

Last year the station raised $150,000 through the funding drive and has a goal of $125,000 this year.

“The funding drive is a way for CJSW to meet its expenses that are not covered by Students’ Union fees,” said Rob Faust, CJSW Funding Drive Coordinator. “We need the money for several reasons, mainly the mechanical side of broadcasting. We’ve only got three full-timers, so the money we raise goes directly into the station.”

CJSW has three major projects where the funding will go.

“The big one is completing our tower,” said Station Manager Chad Saunders. “We want to finalize that.

“Second of all is expansion,” he added. “We hope to relocate the studio to the third floor [MacEwan Students’ Centre].”

CJSW has grown out of its downstairs location over the years and is hoping that relocating within MacEwan Hall will enable its future growth.

“CJSW on the FM radio dial is probably the last independent station,” added Saunders. “It has diversity you’re not going to find anywhere else; diversity and opportunity.”

“There’s a considerable amount of support from the student body, but what’s surprising is how much community involvement there is,” stated Faust.

In addition to the funding drive this year, there will be a series of live drive events. The World Jam and the DJ Melting Pot at the Embassy will be the two big features, as well as a showing of the third part of Penelope Spheeris’ “The Decline of Western Civilization.”

“Primarily they are nights that are intended as fund-raising, but it’s also a night that the community can see CJSW at work,” said Faust. “This is a week that people can get out of the house for cheaper than the cost of a movie and see some local talent.

“It’s a fun time and we’re really happy that Calgary has come out in our favour.”

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