Archive, You all look the same to me

Reading over the press release for You All Look The Same To Me, one might believe that the members of Pink Floyd had reformed and were ready to take on the world under a new name: Archive.

Now, while the members of Pink Floyd are still off in their own separate worlds, Roger Waters and the rest of the band had a hand in the creation of this record. Right from the 15 minute rollercoaster track “Again” to the synthesiser heavy “Hate,” you can tell that the boys of Archive each have their own copies of Dark Side Of The Moon.

So now it comes down to editorial control; do I give up all integrity and write some cheesy line comparing the band to their influences to add to their quotes on the press release, or do I sacrifice the easy way out and actually give these guys a fair chance to prove their own?

Fuck it; Archive will give my generation their own comfortable numb.

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