Buffy and friends, Once more with feeling

By Natalie Sit

It’s not fair Buffy creator Joss Whedon can have so much talent. Already well known for his sharp character development, crackling dialogue and engrossing plot lines, he wrote a musical (for TV no less) that was good. The basic premise for the musical episode was that a demon came to Sunnydale and suddenly everybody starts singing like they’re in a Rodgers and Hammerstein movie. So Twentieth Century Fox decided to cash in and produced a CD with all the songs from the episode as well as additional instrumental pieces from other episodes.

Admittedly, only Buffy fans could enjoy this disc. Most likely, fans have downloaded the songs, know every word by heart and even the dialogue that accompanies the songs. But included with the CD is Whedon’s liner notes and a very sweet demo by Whedon and his wife.

This whole review seems moot since most fans own the CD. Oh bugger this…

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