The Crystal Method, Community Service

By Dale Miller

The Crystal Method’s newest album, Community Service, is in fact a great service to the community–the meth-head community. That is until Hollywood implants these catchy beats into every action movie soundtrack for the next three years.

This album proves not only are TCM the masters of subtly blatant drug references and the remixing/production of electronic beats; they can also put together a damn good album.

Community Service is TMC’s premiere mixed album. Rather than making their tracks separate entities, as was the case in their previous albums, TMC forged one unified seamless mix. The flow of this album is impeccable, it crescendos from its down-tempo first track through some excellent mid-tempo breaks all the way to the albums final track, “The Red Pill.” I am well aware that the Matrix’s red pill quote has become somewhat of an abused standard in all genres of electronica, but this track is surprisingly fresh and it’s a great way to cap off an excellent trip.

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