Easy, we swear

By Falice Chin

A’ight. The lovely Falice Chin claims this crossword is easier than last week. So, if you thought last week was hard, this might be more your style. If you thought last week was easy, then you definitely won’t need the cheat sheet, which you can sneak a peek at here.

Good luck.


2. "Eat my _________"

4. "_______yer booty"

6. Recent target of terrorism

7. A sphere or domain

8. Follow Kris Submissively

10. Type of cookies with spice

12. Kick-off

14. Muay ________ (a type of martial arts)

15. "She" in French

16. Reduction

19. "Just say __________ "

20. The second class in Brave New World

21. Swollen Members is _________stream.

22. Violence & Al

25. The 5th

27. Pop diva

28. Yoga, reincarnation, karma


1. Cheapest snow sport

2. Author of Catcher in the Rye

3. Parasites love blood

4. Students need this

5. Crazy Japanese pilots

8. William Wallus’ last word

9. "Although she lived with seven men, she ain’t easy"

11. ________bean

13. Punk chant

17. Locked up animals

18. The friendly ghost

20. Big awkward Gauntlet News Editor

23. Lola

24. Pb

26. Dreadheads wear this type of hat

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