Just over a week ago, the Den was blown away by the return of GrimSkunk. Having not been in Calgary in four years, the Quebec-based band returned to happily awaiting fans.

“It was great to come back to Calgary,” comments singer/rhythm-guitarist Franz. “I’m really surprised at the reception the band got after four years. I thought that maybe people would have kinda forgotten about it and it’s the opposite, people were totally stoked to see us.”

GrimSkunk, known for their blending of different styles of music, blew the audience away with a flowing act consisting of ska, punk and alternative rock. Their amazingly full sound and powerful stage presence provided the crowd with endless amounts of energy. At no point throughout the set was the crowd ever allowed to stop moving and collect their breath.

“I wanted people to move, and then they did,” says Franz. “It was amazing.”

One reason the band might have so much control over the audience could be the experience they’ve gained so far. Over ten years old, GrimSkunk have been touring for most of their life as band.

“We tour, on average about 100-150 days a year,” says Franz. “We put a lot of intensity and emotion into the music we play, so it usually comes off best in the moment when we play it live.”

GrimSkunk’s new album Seventh Wave came less then a year ago and leads the band into more rock-based songs than their previous efforts. Some of the album’s highlights include the roller coaster ride “Comatose” and the upbeat rock tune “Superheros Never Die.”

“Musically, we are always evolving. Every record we make is different,” Franz explains. “We write from the heart. We write spontaneously with what we think and feel.”

GrimSkunk has been touring on and off for the past month, as they get ready to play in Indica Records’ “10-year festival” that travels across Europe later this month. Other bands on the line-up include Fishbone and the Voodoo Glow Skulls, and if their show in Calgary is any indication of what’s going to happen during this festival, you might consider picking up a plane ticket.

“It should be a huge show–I can’t wait,” states Franz. “We just love to fucking play.”

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