Theory of a Deadman, Theory of a Deadman

I had a dream last night that I watched the scariest Star Trek episode ever. Nickelback was magically transported into the future and in a transporter accident they get split into two identical bands. To avoid confusion between them, one group of guys grows mustaches, puts on leather jackets, and decides to call themselves Theory of a Deadman.

After a number of hours, the harsh reality of the situation began to settle in and I was forced to come to terms with this new band and give their self titled CD a listen. Forcing myself through all ten tracks, there wasn’t a single surprise; photocopiers improvise more than this. Of particular merit are the track titles such as “Make up your mind” and “What you deserve.” How exciting! With a plethora of new rock bands for people to listen to this album is for fans who want the next Nickelback disc.

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