Think you’ve got all the answers?

Whee! A new crossword puzzle! It’s been a few weeks, and we’re sorry for that, but don’t worry, we’d never let you go too long without a bit of action.

Try your luck, but if you suck, the answers will be both off and on-line next week.


1. Moody 50-year-old women

4. Labio

6. The Great Leap Forward, The Great Cultural Revolution, The Red Army

9. Klein seems to hate this city

10. bbq or question intensely

11. Flipper boy: ______ Woods

14. Can’t do this with Spam

17. Ignorant idiot

19. Refuse or diminish

21. Missed the World Cup Final penalty shoot-out in 1994

23. Female deer

24. Excellent odour

25. Member of a conservative party

26. Marijuana cigarette


1. "Hey Hey we’re the _______!"

2. Dead rapper

3. ____ Thurman

4. Lion Horoscope

5. Pirates always wear this

7. Billy Corgan wore a black shirt that said this

8. Green potato chips flavour

12. An electronica genre for booty shaking

13. Gwenyth Paltrow’s head in a box

15. Shiver from fear

16. Annoying popular furry- footed creature

18. ______ Pop

20. Whiny voice over power chords

22. The ____ couple

24. Carter, Green, Benton, etc.

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