Differential tuition at U of A

By Вen Li

Students and politicians in Edmonton oppose a proposed 6.4 per cent tuition increase for next year at the University of Alberta. Tuition for arts and science programs is expected to increase by $258 to $4,290.

U of A Vice-President Academic Dr. Doug Owram announced the increase on Thu., Nov. 8. Students entering medicine, law and business programs may face larger increases with differential tuition.

The U of A Students’ Union opposes differential tuition along with the Alberta Liberals and New Democrats.

"We believe that the rate of increase will further compromise access to post-secondary education," according to U of A su literature. "The university administration should look at its own budgeting and spending before it downloads more costs on to the backs of students."

"This is a tax on learning," said nd Leader Raj Pannu. "If we want Alberta to move forward into the information age, we need to encourage students to learn, not charge them more."

The U of A’s Board of Governors will meet on Jan. 17, 2003 to decide on the increase.

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