Tori Amos, Scarlet’s Walk

By Myke Atkinson

Continuing her trend of releasing albums that pull listeners into an intimate space in which she tells her tales, Tori Amos released the next disc full of personal tunes that anyone can relate to.

Scarlet’s Walk is constructed in true Tori-style. Lush tracks dominated by basic but well-written piano lines and Amos’ versatile voice create an excellent album. Not a single person can deny that Tori Amos is a very talented girl. Personal favourites are “I can’t see New York” and the album’s opener, “Amber Waves,” just two of the 18 delicious tracks on the disc. Another step on Amos’ road to being canonized by an industry who loves her (and rightly so), we should all be glad that she invited us along on this walk.

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