Die Another Day

“Bond, James Bond,” his most famous introduction, is still used in the 20th film of the Bond series: Die Another Day. And just like in any

Bond movie, the plot is more of the same old thing as well.

Bond gets a mission, gets his new gadgets, meets a girl, someone gets captured, Bond gets caught, Bond finds a way to escape, saves the captured, completes his mission and ends up with the girl.

The challenge for any director is how to make it new and entertaining, a job well done by director Lee Tamahori. And of course, the movie has its predictable parts but it’s the twists on what’s expected that keep your attention.

Pierce Brosnan plays Bond again and seems more than comfortable in his role, but who wouldn’t be if they got the chance to drive a sweet car,

play with cool toys and end up making out with at least one gorgeous co-star.

Of course no Bond film would be complete without a Bond girl, and although Madonna makes a cameo, it’s not her. The new Bond girl happens to be Academy Award winner Halle Berry in the role of Jinx, but unfortunately, her performance misses its full potential. Berry is excellent

as an alluring undercover spy who could seduce anyone with her cool; however, as a kick-ass spy running around with a gun she looks very out of place.

The role of the evil villain has also evolved over the years from the days of Jaws and Dr. No, who defined the borders of good and evil. In the new Bond film, our villains are somewhat unexpected and are played out very well. The new villains seem to be evil in their own way, derived from greed and vengeance, and not just because they are disfigured and want to rule the world.

If you choose to see this film you have to be expecting a typical Bond movie. A new story, cast and

action sequences are provided, but they are delivered in the classic Bond form that keeps its followers entertained.

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