Dinos continue downhill slide

By Ian Waldbauer

There might not be any snow on the ground yet, but if you’re a fan of the men’s hockey team it might be time to pull out the toboggan.

The team is definitely on a downhill slide, and after another pair of losses this past weekend, the Dinos have dropped to .500 for the first time this season. The U of S Huskies were the ones to deliver the latest blow, as they rolled out of Calgary winning both games and stealing four points on the road.

Just a few weekends ago, the Dinos were a series win away from first place in their division; now the focus is on just keeping themselves ahead of the rest of the increasingly competitive pack.

Although the team ran into recent injury problems, Head Coach Scott Atkinson isn’t ready to use that as an excuse.

“Friday night was the first time we didn’t play well this season,” stated Atkinson. “We’ve lost a little bit of confidence.”

There weren’t a whole lot of positives to take out of last weekend, except for the penalty-killing unit scoring two short-handed goals, and only allowing two power-play goals.

While concerned about the recent losses Atkinson isn’t pressing the panic button just yet.

“I know the team is trying very hard right now, but maybe they’re worried about the outcome of the game and are almost trying too hard.”

If this is the case, hopefully the team finds the happy medium quickly, so they can get back into the elusive win column.

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