Dinos topple the top seed two weeks running

By Mike Attersall

This weekend’s performance reminded me of the Simpsons episode where they filmed a Radioactive Man movie in Springfield. In one scene, Radioactive Man gets hit with a 40 foot wall of sulfuric acid and you then hear him yell: “My eyes… the goggles; they do nothing.” Watching the Dinos play the U of A made me think: “the Pandas; they do nothing.”

For two consecutive weekends the Dinos have been able to take down the number one ranked team in Canada, which makes them legitimate giant killers.

After a slow start which saw Calgary sitting in a unfamiliar sixth place, the Dinos seem to have found their game. All weekend the team came out strong and individuals stepped up to the challenge. It was a familiar sight to fans and coaches to see a team play with such confidence.

“I feel like I got my team back,” stated Head Coach Kevin Boyles. “It’s nice to see the team able to play the big matches and play with a lot of heart.”

The Dinos were able to take both the Friday and Saturday matches 3-1. As good as this looks, the Dinos did not exactly roll over the Pandas with ease as most sets ended within three point of each other. The difference was that the Dinos were able to keep their momentum and hold onto their lead or even come back from a deficit.

According to Boyles, it all comes down to energy.

“So far this season we have been unable to manufacture any energy and this weekend we did,” he said.

After this weekend’s performance, it would be hard to single out one player as being dominant. Janelle Findley was but one of the stars as she led her team on Friday with 15 kills and 22 digs. This mark was only outdone on Saturday by team captain Amanda Moppett who had 23 digs. Moppett also had an impressive weekend, leading the team with a total of 26 kills and diving to save her team on numerous occasions.

Sophomore right side Joanna Niemczewska showed that she belongs on last season’s Canada West Champions. Niemczewska stayed cool and confident, and on Saturday played solid offense and defense with 15 kills and 18 digs, showing that she is not one to crumble under pressure.

However, if there was one player who stood out, it was middle Tracy Keats, and not just because she is 6ïz´2. Keats was outstanding on Saturday, she made the big plays when she had to and kept her team in the tight games. Keats came up with 15 kills and six blocks, six more than the Pandas would have liked to have seen.

“Tracy played well all over today,”

said Boyles. “She stayed solid the whole match and carried the team through the fourth set.”

“I think this is the best I’ve played this year,” stated Keats. “I just knew we would win if we kept working hard. All we had to do was focus on the next play right away and not get hung up on the last.

“It’s nice to know we can make the big plays now, and take it at clutch time,” she added. “I get so pumped when the team is doing well, and even more excited by plays made by my teammates.”

With two wins this weekend and a win against the University of British Columbia a week ago, the Dinos seem to have found their groove. The players feed and react off of each other, and it will be a wonder if any team can stop them now. The big question is–can they keep it up?

Rally Points:

Tracy Keats contributes her level of play to the cheering section of the U of C football players. She was inspired by Stu, Jeff, and Joel.

Head Coach Kevin Boyles on the other hand contributes it to the presence on the national team coach.

Assistant Coach Chad Leier has requested that somebody bring him some Tums. He’s going to get an ulcer from all the stress of watching his team play.

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