Layo and Bushwacka, Night Works

By Nguyen Giao

London DJs Layo Paskin and Matthew “Bushwacka!” Benjamin’s second studio effort, Night Works, is considered one of the most anticipated albums of the year in electronic music.

Night Works offers a satisfying mix of breaks and tech-house. The tracks are thumping, especially the brief breakbeat teaser “Ladies and Gentlemen” and their re-released club hit, “Love Story.” Other tracks are chilled down-tempo, such as “Blind Tiger,” but no matter

what type of beat Layo and Buskwacka! lay down, their music always comes across sounding crisp and precise.

Minor problems with this album are the numerous interludes between songs and the fact that some of the songs tend to get a bit dark.

In any case, this album is worth picking up. Some of the songs might be a little more suitable in a club, but the whole album will sound just as good in your car or at home in your stereo.

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