More from the mailbox

This jewel came in the mail at the beginning of November and has been floating through different mail boxes looking for a home ever since. Well, it found one. So without further ado, the albino squirrel people.


My name is Dustin Ballard and I am president of the Albino Squirrel Preservation Society at the University of Texas.

Our goal is to promote squirrel equality worldwide, and we currently have three chapters: UT Austin, North Texas, and the University of Pennsylvania.

The reason I’m writing is because our club would like very much to start a chapter at the University of Calgary and further strengthen our fight to protect these rare and beautiful creatures.

I would like to encourage any students interested in registering such a club to visit our website at or contact me directly at

Thank you so much!

Dustin Ballard

– asps President- UT Austin

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