The Undercurrents, Demo N

By Anonymous

Have you ever watched uncovered pasta cook in the microwave? The two minutes of dreary rotating occasionally interrupted by the comparatively enthralling explosion of a sauce bubble seems to be the major influence on The Undercurrents’ Demo N.

The relatively bland mix of spacey vocals and classic sounding guitar riffs does have the occasional bright spot. With influences ranging from AC/DC to the Ramones this album is more of a rehash of the ’80s top ten rock tracks than a foray into the humdrum that is popular modern rock. Borrowing from rock’s past is certainly not a bad idea, and it lands the band a lot more credit than the recent flood of Nickelback clones will ever receive.

If you can make it through the dull parts, Demo N will surprise you with the occasional bit of well orchestrated rock, but it is definitely not something to write home to mom about.

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