Assistant Coach Dave Johnson leaves his Dinos

After two seasons as the Assistant Coach and Defensive Coordinator of the Dinos football squad, Dave Johnson has decided to hang up his headset and pursue new opportunities. 

The Abbotsford, BC native joined the Dinos football coaching staff in March 2001 and helped coach the team through two respectable regular season performances and on into the playoffs before suffering two consecutive losses in the conference semi-finals.

Johnson could always be spotted on the sideline during the game displaying his wild temperament when the defense made good things happen on the field. He was also not shy about coming down hard on his defense when things were not so good. Either way, his passion for the game was obvious.

Johnson and his family are making like the birds and flying south for the winter to Arizona so he can pursue new coaching opportunities.  Johnson is no stranger there, as he coached high school football in Arizona prior to joining the Dinos staff. 

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