Leadership conference

By Natalie Sit

Those interested in furthering their leadership skills might be interested in the “Becoming Tomorrow Leadership Conference.” Filled with speakers from diverse areas such as politics, media and volunteering, Students’ Union Vice-President Irene Enyedy promises the SU/Gauntlet conference will help everyone from undergraduates right up to alumni.

“We want the students to stay motivated in volunteering and leadership throughout their University of Calgary career but also after,” said Enyedy. “Whether people have graduated this is a significant and important experience I think people should have.”

At first glance, the speakers list appears to center around the SU and Calgary, but Enyedy wanted to highlight Calgary.

“It was one of our goals to look at Calgary and look at our students and focus directly on us and on the community,” said Enyedy. “So they’re mostly people from Calgary and Alberta but they’ve made huge significant differences not only in Calgary but also Canada. For students to see where they’ve come from and they can go that far is a good thing.”

While the conference will help students, Enyedy sees another benefit.

“It helps the Students’ Union have a good image as well as the Gauntlet [have a good image],” said Enyedy. “But this is something students can really develop from.”

For more details about the conference, visit gauntlet.ucalgary.ca/conference

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