SU Election losers

By Вen Li

Sadness and disappointment filled the Gildenstern room among scant cries of merriment on Fri., Feb. 14 as election losers made way for jubilant victors. Thirteen candidates tried for executive positions, five did not lose.


Current SU VP Academic Jayna Gilchrist garnered 1,383 votes, handily defeating nearest competitors Kyle Gould who received 563 votes, and Mohamed El-Rafih who earned 550 votes.

Gilchrist, who was first elected to the SU as an academic commissioner in March 2002, ran on a platform of opposing differential tuition, improving media relations and improving the Students’ Union.

"It just proves that if you work hard enough, and put your heart into it, you can succeed," said a not so speechless Gilchrist. "I’m excited about next year. We’ve got an amazing team."

Gould lost on a platform of career fairs and engagement with the administration and will not return to the U of C next year.

"I’m shocked," he said. "At least she [Gilchrist] won by a margin. It’s better than splitting the vote."

Christopher Blatch placed last in the presidential race with 394 votes. Neither Blatch nor El-Rafih was immediately available for comment on Friday.

Vice-President External

Lauren Batiuk received more than double her rival Kari Doig’s votes in the hotly contested VP External race. Garnering the support of 1,841 students, Batiuk who is currently an external commissioner was ecstatic with her victory.

"I’m happy with the race. See, I’m still shaking," said Batiuk. "She [Doig] definitely put p and made it hard for the both of us."

Doig, who promised to address tuition and student loans at various governmental levels, lost with 875 votes.

"It was a good clean race," said Doig. "I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles."

Vice-President Events

Krafty, also known as Richard Bergen, achieved a close but substantial victory over nearest closest competitor Lawrence Bailey.

A very excited and enthusiastic Bergen was carried out of the room before he could comment on his 1,113 votes.

"The shitty part is now I have to find a real job," said Bailey, who was in second place with 1,038 votes.

Last-place candidate Anant Patel could not be reached for comment.

Vice-President Operations and Finance

In the tightest of all executive races, current academic commissioner and last-minute Gavin Preston beat out rivals and SU commissioners Tanya Kotwell and Brett Pearce.

"I’m absolutely elated," said Preston of his 1,064 votes. "It was a very close race and a good election with good competitors."

Pearce, who placed last with 807 votes, felt differently.

"Comment? You’ll hear about it at the [SU Election] Review Board," he said before angrily departing.

For second-place candidate Kotwell who garnered 927 votes, the finish was not unexpected.

"I’m happy because before I went in, I thought I would get a third of the votes," she said.

Vice-President Academic

Demetrios Nicolaides was acclaimed in the uncontested VP Academic race.

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