VP Events: Richard “Krafty” Bergen–Qualified

Krafty is a candidate with a passion for student politics (“I love this stuff”) and a strong presence in the Residence complex. He is currently an Op-Fi commissioner in the SU and vice-president of events in the Residence Students Association. His experience as a student leader is one of his strong points, exemplified by his good understanding of the VP events portfolio.

Bergen believes that the best way to curb student apathy is to get them interested and explain why they should be getting involved. As VP events, Bergen hopes to encourage discussion amongst students about SU policy and maximize the volunteer potential in the SU and on campus (i.e. awareness weeks, tuition rallies). His enthusiasm is undeniably contagious, but there is a recognizable danger of Bergen catching “VP Burn-Out Syndrome.” He admits that the biggest challenge for him as VP is being prepared and ready for the “unexpected and the unknowns.”

VP events is the one position in the SU that is probably more consistently measured by success and by failure. If the Rez crew turns out to vote in strong support of “one of their own,” Krafty could pull off a stunning victory.


• su events experience

• Enthusiastic and passionate, and recognizes own weaknesses

• Extensive experience with Rez

• Recognizes opportunities for volunteering


• Admittedly unprepared for "unexpected and unknowns"

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