VP Op-Fi: Brett Pearce–Unqualified

Pearce’s plans for MacEwan Students’ Centre read suspiciously like Bryan Pryde’s memorandum to student leaders from late January, and consist largely of continuing or completing projects already underway. Though sometimes inarticulate, his written platform indicates he is at least proficient at reading and rephrasing student-related ideas and concepts having to do with his portfolio.

With regard to qualifications, U of C 101 involvement, volunteering at the SU Info Centre, and participation in numerous other non-financial committees listed by Pearce do not appear to provide adequate experience for him to handle a multi-million dollar budget. In addition, Pearce was anything but a font of inspired ideas and discussion, financial or otherwise, during his time on SLC.

Although Pearce has the potential to overwhelm the student body by achieving a plethora of minor goals (such as fulfilling the minimum requirements of the position, like producing a balanced budget), the lack of a cohesive vision for his campaign is his most obvious downfall.


• Experience in su and relevant campus organizations


• Unoriginal platform

• Lacks experience necessary to handle Op-Fi portfolio

• Inarticulae

• Does not hold high regard for fellow candidates

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