VP Op-Fi: Tanya Kotwall–Unqualified

Kotwall comes from a strong academic background in economics, but that alone is insufficient for a successful year as VP Operations and Finance. In a year where finances will be tight, inspired and innovative leadership will be needed to ensure success, but Kotwall presents little in the way of new ideas.

Her main points–expansion, clubs space, and SU fees–have already been examined in council this year or are of minor comparative importance. Expansion and redevelopment of the MacEwan Incompletoplex is an issue of the past, and clubs space allocation has been discussed at length without much visible action on her part this year. Achievable ideas, such as attempting to educate students on tuition issues, or reexamining SU fees are valiant, but should not be the only focus of her campaign as she also has significant legislative responsibility.

The SU will probably not go into financial ruin if Kotwall leads the Op-Fi portfolio, but better candidates are in the race.


• Has Op-Fi experience

• Has an academic background in economics


• Very little legislative experience or involvement in slc

• Lacks coherent plan or original ideas

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