Antifolk Vol. 1

By Becky van Bussel

After listening to this CD a few times, I can honestly say that I would rather shoot myself in the face than to have to listen to it again. It is just that painful.

I began listening to Antifolk Vol. 1 laughing until I realized these guys were serious. Then it wasn’t so funny. It was sad.

Antifolk Vol. 1 is a conglomeration of bad artists sounding as if they are trying to imitate Moxy Fruvous. The result is, not surprisingly, bad music. The only redeeming factor of this entire compilation is Brian Piltin’s addition to the CD, a track entitled, “Tramp Star.” While this song is upbeat and actually borders on being original, the rest of this CD is either incredibly boring or just plain ridiculous.

The only hope anybody can hold with regards to this album is that they take their time producing Vol. 2, allowing their public time to recuperate.

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