RSA gets flamed

By Dale Miller

Relationships are on the line as the Residence Students’ Association and the Calgary Flames try to resolve a ticket sales misunderstanding.

RSA President Sarah Wilson claims that she had a verbal agreement with Flames Account Executive Jeff Stewart about ticket sales to residence students. She claims that Stewart agreed to sell tickets at a price of $25 each, with a refund of $5 per ticket to students after the game–a deal that currently exists between the Flames and Dinos Athletics. Stewart insists that no such deal was made with the rsa.

Two hundred and fifty residence students bought tickets to a Flames game in September, paying the full price of $25 each, which was turned over to Stewart in full. The RSA expected a $1,250 refund, but did not receive any money.

“There was never an official agreement with the RSA about ticket sales,” said Stewart. “They went ahead and sold the tickets without clarifying with us first-this letter is unfair and one-sided.”

The RSA paid the $5 refund out of their own budget. After recently seeing Stewart on campus, Wilson circulated a letter complaining about Stewart’s actions, demanding the cessation of U of C relationships with the Flames. The letter also contained personal attacks against Stewart.

“There are hundreds of residents and member of the Residence Students’ Association that are very unhappy with the mistreatment that we have received from Mr. Stewart,” wrote Wilson. “I feel that we have been lied to, and that Mr. Stewart is continuing to disregard our concerns because we are a student-run organization.”

Stewart firmly disagrees with Wilson’s claims. However, after meeting with both the vice-president of sales and president for the Flames, Stewart has decided to pay the RSA their requested $1,250.

“I want to rectify this to all of the 250 students, not just the rsa,” said Stewart. ” The good relationship between the Flames and the university must remain intact.”

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