Broken Social Scene, You Forgot It In People

By Myke Atkinson

So you’ve spent an entire year ignoring the words in this box. Weekly, I try to inform you of some of the best new releases and all you do is pass it off as another critic and his little pets. I raved about the musical genius of certain individuals and all you did was use the paper to stabilize the rocking of your desk in English. In the end, it doesn’t matter; I’m just trying to do my part. But now I’ve got to ask a favour of you, just one little request. Buy this CD. That’s all. If you’ve decided to ignore me all year long, that’s okay, just humour me and go and pick up this CD.

Broken Social Scene is 15 musicians from the Toronto area, including members of Do Make Say Think, A Silver Mt. Zion, and even Treble Charger. Together, they have created one of the few discs in my collection that every time I put it on, my fangs have no choice but to hang loose. While some songs, such as the first kick of the disc “KC Accidental,” are reminiscent of the members’ other groups (in this case a Do Make Say Think-style rock out), the bulk of the tracks are your typical pop songs: short, head-bobbing melodies with plenty of sing-along potential (see the little ditty “Cause=Time”). Who would have thought that a bunch of indie rockers could write such a simple and compelling disc. Now, buy!

Oh, and by the way, you can see the madness of this collective of musicians take to the stage at Mount Royal’s Liberty Lounge on Wednesday, March 26.

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