Bentley loses to nemesis


Dinos wrestler Joe Bentley (above) faced an old nemesis last weekend at the 2003 Junior National Freestyle Championships in Fredericton N.B.

Bentley lost the 66kg final to Montreal Wrestling Club’s Tim Wadsworth by a score of 6–1-a repeat of last year’s final where Wadsworth defeated Bentley as well.

University of Calgary’s Justin Reis finished one spot behind Bentley in the weight class, and joined teammate Huy Nguyen (50kg) in the ranks of bronze medalists.

On the women’s side, Andrea Ross earned the silver in the 55kg weight class and Laura McDougall finished third.

The Dinos were sixth on the women’s side, and fifth on the men’s. Wadsworth’s Montreal Wrestling Club (men) and Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club (women) took the gold.

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