Poor Huy Nguyen

By Kris Kotarski

The sad-looking young man on your right is Huy Nguyen.

Huy is sad because he just ended a torturous training session run by none other than Head Coach Mitch Ostberg, the U of C’s resident wrestling taskmaster.

This would be cause for relief for you and I, but Huy is different. His drive to succeed leads him to sadness whenever he’s not wrestling, eating healthy food, or doing yoga. Every minute of his Under 21 life is spent on “the goal”–a vague quest that begins somewhere in the murky depths of Huy’s libido and ends only in absolute victory.

Huy is on his way to the 2003 Junior National Wresting Championships in Fredericton, NB, where he will join many of his teammates. Joe Bentley, Beamer Comfort–all the big names of Dinos wrestling will be there.

So Huy may be sad now, but that sadness will soon transform into glory or contempt. Depending on the Dinos’ fortunes, this young man will either froth with anger, or smile the smile of morning sunshine.

..Kris Kotarski

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