Report Cards: Track

By Dale Miller


For a team that describes all of its performances as “good”, they should think that a B grade is, well, good.

B stands for the fact that both men’s and women’s teams did pretty much exactly what they were expected to do: second for the women and third for the men at Canada West, and second for the women and tenth for the men at the CIS Championship. Their overall standings prior to nationals were exactly the same as their results–go figure.

B also stands for balance. There were stellar results from the likes of Jessica Zelinka and Trevor Phillips at Nationals coupled with the disappointment of Samantha Anderson’s triple fault.

For the team to get an A next year, some accomplishments must be made. The women must ascend to first place by kicking Saskatchewan’s ass–a team that seems to be the bane of the Dinos’ existence. Perhaps some depth will help in that department, it certainly would have at Canada Wests and the men must actually beat the eastern teams.

With all of these accomplishments achieved, the Dinos may actually better the B.

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