SU seeks tuition guidance from students

By Вen Li

The Students’ Union is building a policy on what tuition should pay for, in light of growing concerns about tuition increases.

"We really don’t have a policy saying what tuition should and should not pay for," said SU Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston. "Some would argue that it should only pay for access to experts in a field."

Among the services Preston cited for discussion are: the Admissions Office, the Disability Resource Centre, the Library and the Fees Office.

su External Commissioner Bryan West was cautious about any policy enumerating what tuition should or should not pay for.

"Things will arise," said West. "I think it would be a very confining policy."

Preston agreed that care was needed in formulating the policy.

"If we say tuition should pay for everything that goes on at this university, that gives administration a great excuse to charge more tuition," he said.

Preston encourages student input at:

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