SPUN returns, Klazek sings

By Lawrence Bailey

The show began at 9 p.m. at the Auburn Saloon. I arrived at a quarter to and strode through the door to a room so full I had to spend a couple of minutes charting a course to the bar.

So it goes when your plans include seeing up-and-coming local singer/songwriter Anne Klazek’s CD release for her debut album Live… Love.

“It felt so good having that many people I know there,” beamed Klazek. “My friends, my family, so many people I care about. Just great energy.”

Often labeled with the all-encompassing term “folk musician,” Klazek has moved away from the one-woman guitar and vocal show adding bass guitar (Cam Falk, who also produced the album) and drums (Trevor Morgan) to the mix, making her sound much deeper and richer.

“It adds so much to the overall sound, it brings in a lot of depth and new ideas,” she explains, echoing the thoughts of some of those in attendance. “It also allows you to get into bigger venues than a solo woman-and-her-guitar act does.”

The result is a quirky, intelligent and thoroughly enjoyable debut disc highlighting her clever lyricism and soothing vocals.

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