Not quite le Tour de France but there’s lots of beer

By Lawrence Bailey

It seems we’re a campus of bike-riding fiends. From the duo of rez rats currently going coast-to-coast to the University of Calgary Bike Club, U of C students love to hit the open road.

Most recently, the U of C Bike Club headed to Canmore, entering two teams of five in the 24 Hours of Adrenaline mountain relay race. Tackling a 16.8 km course and riding for 24 straight hours (from noon on Sat., July 19 to noon on the 20th), the squads did our school proud. While one of the teams, U of C Two, was more of a recreational squad and didn’t figure in the top ten, the competitive entry, U of C One, rode to a very respectable seventh overall finish.

The event itself is about as serious as the competitors want to make it, leading to some pretty crazy sights–unless you think Santa Claus on a mountain bike is run of the mill. It is summer after all and the organizers seem well aware of this, doling out hardware for categories including best helmet and best pit area.

In short, good times were had by all–and isn’t that what it’s all about when you get right down to it?

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