By CH Smith

I never knew chocolate could leave such a bad after-taste, but I was reaching for the mouthwash after listening to this one.

After leaving the world of major record labels to pursue his own independent label, Greenhouse, Choclair gives us Flagrant, his worst album to date. Choclair’s lyrics are about as elementary as Mike Bullard’s grade 6 education and spit with about as much flow as a dried up stream during an Alberta drought. For example, "if you at the C-Spot put your hands up/I speak easy when I’m at Speak Easy/then go to French Maid/get laid by French Maids/fuck, some are tight like French Braids." Yes, the C-Spot is Calgary and yes, these are terrible lyrics.

Choclair also leaves us other gems mostly promoting Greenhouse or, my personal favorite, "Chocleeze off the Heeze." Oh pleeze.

Thankfully the beats are not as bad as the lyrics and appearances by Saukrates and Solitair save Flagrant from being a total disaster.

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