U of C Regime

By Natalie Sit

Precious little is known about the inner workings of the University of Calgary administration, but what is known from the grad student research work units to the monolithic bureaucracy is all controlled by President Harvey Weingarten and his minions. Besides overseeing the university, Weingarten is responsible for academic work and business affairs at the university and sits on a lot of committees. However the average student sees him exactly twice. Once at the Community Welcome and then four years later at convocation.

Vice-President Academic and Provost Ron Bond, the most senior VP, controls long range academic planning and supervises academic matters. Bond is the main regime figure at "tuition consultation" which consists of the regime telling students how much tuition will increase.

VP Finance and Services Michael McAdam is new to the regime. He’s responsible for all financial matters at the university. Even though he’s new, don’t expect a decrease in tuition. But he’s supposedly serf-friendly.

VP Research Dennis R. Salahub boasts the most minions (AKA associate VPs) yet he stays very quiet. He supervises research and sits on committees like ethics and research grants. He is a minor deity to professors and grad students around grant time.

A prominent move to stem information was the appointment of VP External Roman Cooney. "All" media inquires are directed through the ministry of information even if he may know nothing about the subject.

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