Wine, so swanky

By Kyle Young

onsider the following: You and your date arrive at that swanky restaurant you’ve been saving up for, hoping to get a taste of food prepared with a little more art and love than the KD you had last night. You’ve considered the menu and are prepared to make your selection. After ordering the $60 dish this bastion of gourmet delight is famous for, your waiter, in a cool and suave manner, slyly asks, “and to drink?” You turn the menu over only to find–gasp–your favourite beer just doesn’t cut it anymore, and iced tea is just out of the question.

You, my friend, are unprepared. There exists a world of alcoholic delight which walks the delicate line between the oft-watery realm of beer and the harsh and frequently unkind world of distilled spirits, and you have somehow managed to remain ignorant of it. It’s a sad state, we know, but don’t fret, for the Gauntlet is here to help.

Below you will find a sort of Wine 101, divided categorically, designed to initiate you to the very basics and to guide you on to further resources to continue your education. Enjoy!

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