The Ramblin’ Ambassadors

By James Keller

Like something out of a Mexican western, there isn’t much rambling on The Ramblin’ Ambassadors’ new disc, Avanti.

Picking up where Huevos Rancheros left off, Calgarian and former Rancheros Brent Cooper takes obvious cues from his past work. The retro-meets-garage rock sound found on Avanti is fun, skillful and full of instrumental hooks that become instantly familiar. The disc’s wholly instrumental approach also works, putting the music in the foreground and bringing attention to each witty guitar riff or mariachi trumpet sound.

Unfortunately, Avanti is nothing we haven’t heard before. This music has all been done, and the Ambassadors don’t take it into the realm of the unfamiliar.

Regardless, the album is punchy and entertaining, standing above many bands gracing the Calgary concert circuit–even if the Ramblin’ Ambassadors have yet to carve out a truly original sound of their own.

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