Running in the by-election

By Jennifer Spencer

The posters are going up and the electoral antics have already started for Students’ Union by-election.

The SU by-election will fill eight positions unfilled by last year’s general election and give non-voting appointed council members a chance to gain voting power by being elected.

Education, Fine Arts, Kinesiology, Law, Medicine and Social Work all need faculty representatives.As well as two academic commissioners for the Students’ Legislative Council. All will work alongside Vice President Academic Demetrios Nicolaides.

"The faculty of Fine Arts is particularly in need of strong representation," said SU President Jayna Gilchrist. "With ensuing cutbacks to the faculty there needs to be someone focused solely on representing the students in the Fine Arts program to make sure that they are treated fairly."

These positions are paid by honorarium and are open to any full- or part-time undergraduate students. The positions run from the end of October until May and have a minimum time commitment of a few hours a week to attend the weekly meeting although, Gilchrist says the time commitment really depends on how much a representative puts into their position.

"I am very excited about the election and am pleased to say there has already been a lot of interest in each of the positions up for grabs," added Gilchrist.

Nomination packages are available from the SU office in MSC 251. The voting will take place from October 22–24. Packages are due Oct. 6–8 between 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. at the SU office.

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