Like Wrestlemania, only more serious

By Josh Johnson

Snow has overtaken Calgary. There is not an inch of the city not covered by the white stuff. To say the downfall was a surprise would be stating the obvious considering the fantastic weather we’ve had for the past month or so.

In much the same way, the University of Calgary wrestling squad was looking to surprise their opponents with a strong showing, despite this being their first team competition of the year and the first ever university-level competition for many rookie members on the crew.

To put it metaphorically, the snow came down hard as the Dinos surprised many with a strong start to the young season. There was not a hint of surprise in team captain Breanne Graham’s voice, though, when I asked her for comment on the team’s success.

“We know what we are capable of. As a whole, the team made a really strong first effort,” she explained.

It’s an effort Graham and her teammates hope to expand upon throughout the schedule.

A few have already set the bar high for the squad’s future endeavours.

Huy Nguyen took first place in the 54kg men’s division, as did Andrea Ross for the women’s 53kg. Ross, powered by a decisive win over a nationally #2 ranked opponent, was also awarded outstanding female wrestler for the tourney.

Joe Bentley, continued a fierce rivalry with Alexis Romanis stemming from a previous national competition, but he lost to the BC native this time out in a close battle for the 65kg division crown.

As for Women’s World Cup bronze medalist Graham, she had a respectable second-place finish in her division, most likely hampered by fatigue from a long couple of weeks in international competition. No excuses from this competitor though.

“I’m disappointed to say the least, but the season isn’t over and tourneys like these provide strong grounds to find the kinks and work on improving your skills,” she explained.

The whole team will be looking to improve over the coming season. Improving from first overall in the men’s and second in the women’s divisions is quite a task, but if any team is up to it, it’s the Dinos.

Looks like its about to start snowing again.

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