Imposters lose as Dinos

By Sean Nyilassy

As we approached the head coach of the women’s basketball team this week, she produced, two shiny, shimmering, satin, crimson coloured lanyards out of her bag. Although they are lovely, we have decided not to accept the bribe and write this story anyways.

After an undefeated tournament two weeks ago, the Dinos played two sub-par games this weekend, splitting with an undeserving Lethbridge Pronghorns team.

“We didn’t play well,” commented Head Coach Shawnee Harle. “I thought we really underachieved.”

Fri., Nov. 8 saw a 69-56 win for the Dinos, albeit uninspired. Four Dinos put up double figures, with Shari Jonker and Jessica Foltinek leading the way with 14 each.

“It was an ugly win,” frowned Harle.

Alas, the next night did not prove to be as successful. Actually, it was downright hideous.

Calgary fell behind early, and as evolution has proven, the Pronghorns outlasted the Dinos. When the smoke cleared, the lights on high read 93-61. Shattered dreams and a broken winning streak were all the ladies could bring back to Calgary.

“I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a team shoot the lights out that well,” marveled Harle at Lethbridge’s performance. “But it’s not that hard to shoot against pathetic defence.”

“We didn’t execute our D,” agreed Calgary’s leading scorer, Cory Bekkering. Bekkering netted 11 in the losing effort.

The Dinos are B.C.-bound next week to take on the Trinity Western University Spartans and the Simon Fraser University Clan. Hopefully more of the vigor seen earlier by this team will be present.

“I just hope last weekend was a team of imposters posed as Dinos,” optimized Harle. “I hope the real Dinos show up this weekend.”

And thanks for the lanyards, you’re special.

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