People sampling

By Kelli Stevens

Going to Costco, you may revel in the opportunities brought by food samples. Similarly, you may be the kind of person who can’t get enough of the free trials available at the Bay’s cosmetics counter. Either way, you are smart enough to recognize the benefits of testing something on a small-scale before you commit to it wholeheartedly. The question is: are you smart enough to apply the benefits of sampling to potential hook-ups?

Think about it. It’s getting late and you’re downing your last few drinks at the Den. Or a house party. Or some downtown club. As you polish off that last beer or two, you start to wonder, “who here is going to give me some action?”

Then you realize you’ve been talking to the same person since the beginning of your last pitcher. Fairly good conversation. Funny. Not bad looking. Hmm… a possibility has presented itself.

But wait!

Before you go any further, let’s revisit the sampling theory.

You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it, and most people agree it’s a bad idea to buy new clothes without trying them on. So, are you really going to consider leaving with this person before performing some kind of taste test?

I know one girl who answered that question with a “sure, why not?” Unfortunately, her risk-taking in this field did not end well.

After some witty banter and small talk, Christine decided it was safe to invite Dave back to her apartment. He seemed like an okay guy, definitely worth talking to, at least worth talking to after she’d had a few, and she didn’t even think twice about bringing him home.

That is, she didn’t think twice until the face-eating began.

What, you may ask, is face-eating? For those of you fortunate enough to be able to ask that question, Christine gives a good explanation.

“When he kissed me, it wasn’t so much here (pointing to her lips), as it was here (gesturing to her entire face–forehead to chin).”

So what did she do next? Rather than simply walk away (as she could have at the bar), Christine had to endure hours of face-eating. Being lucky enough to be invited in, Dave figured he had the go-ahead to stay all night. Being polite enough to not shriek and throw him out, Christine didn’t correct his misguided assumption.

So when it comes down to it, if Christine had taken the time to have a quick make-out session at the bar–as classy as that may be–she never would have brought Dave home and suffered through a night of face-eating. I mean really, if she’d wanted to try out a new kind of face wash, she probably could have done that at the Bay’s sample counter.

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