Smiles busked again

By Lawrence Bailey

There’s a certain magic, a certain simple elegance in an unplugged, acoustic performance. The very concept of an individual standing alone save his/her instrument is romantic, intimate and frightening to many performers.

It is that magic, that connection with the audience, that has ensured Busking For Smiles’ Unplugged series’ success. What started as a few friends playing their guitars in Science Theatres has evolved into a burgeoning club sponsoring events, like the Unplugged series, showcasing student talent.

“We had over 25 students contact us and audition for Unplugged 6,” explains BFS President Joe Shea while setting up for a BFS-sponsored open mic night at the Black Lounge. “Anyone who has been to any of the Unplugged shows knows the talent level is incredible.”

After the stunning success of Songs, the first ever BSF CD, Shea is considering putting together a follow up release before April.

“My biggest goal is to just keep the music coming,” he smiles. “We really want to put out another CD and maybe make some silly t-shirts or some kind of mockumentary.”

For the time being, however, Shea is focused on the here and now, making sure Unplugged 6 follows in its predecessors illustrious footsteps.

“Expect to be pleasantly surprised,” he grins. “The talent is phenomenal and it’s very affordable entertainment.”

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