Want to take a survey?

By Christy Clement

University of Calgary stud- ents can expect to fill out one or more surveys ranging from library use to students’ lifestyles in the upcoming month.

There are at least six surveys coming to campus this semester, which is higher than usual because of a coincidence in timing.

"I wouldn’t be surprised if people get two or three of these surveys," said Associate Vice-President Student Affairs Dr. Peggy Patterson.

Because of the number of surveys in such a short time, Dr. Patterson worries some people may become frustrated and choose not to respond.

"It’s part of the university’s commitment to make sure that we are doing the right thing," explained Dr. Patterson.

For example, the Alberta Learning Employment and Satisfaction Survey will study recent graduates to determine what types of jobs graduates from different faculties are getting and how satisfied they were with their university experience. Depending on the results, the U of C may receive more funding.

Other surveys will collect information on topics including satisfaction with instructors, quality of life, library use, international students and student lifestyles, and will be used to help shape policies and services.

The surveys are each relatively quick to complete and may be administered online, by telephone or through mail.

"The types of surveys are wonderfully varied," said Dr. Patterson. "But I think the convergence of them is going to feel to students like we’re surveying them to death."

Most of the results will be posted by this fall on the U of C website under Student and Academic Services.

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