Let’s talk about sex, baby

By Veronika Janik

Sex concerns everyone, nearly every day. A large problem in the grand scheme of things is the informative aspect is often ignored.

Fortunately, events such as Sexual Awareness Week promote a more knowledgeable approach to sex and sexual health.

The three-day affair will be held Feb. 9-11, in the north courtyard of MacEwan Students’ Centre, and will deal with various issues ranging from sexually transmitted diseases and birth control to sexual harassment and homosexuality.

The event’s co-organizer, Coordinator of the Wellness and Health Awareness Team Heidi Olsen, thinks it is a good way to make students more conscious of sexual issues.

"This type of thing has been running for several years but this year we have a large team working together, and so we have the man power to do something great," said Olsen.

The event consists of a fair the afternoon of Mon,. Feb. 9, followed by a seminar in Residence regarding alcohol and decision making held Tue., Feb. 10 and a follow-up display in MSC Wed., Feb. 11.

AIDS Calgary, Calgary Health Region’s STD Clinic and Planned Parenthood Alberta are just a few of the groups that will be present.

The event is meant to educate students and expose them to the various services the city and school have to offer.

"Alcohol Awareness Week was a big success and I’m hoping this will be the same," said Olsen.

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