Ballots – Lawrence Bailey

President: Bryan West

While experience isn’t always a benefit in the case of the SU, West has the best chance to be an effective leader because he accepts both the potential and the pitfalls of the position and the organization.

VP Academic: Laura Schultz

Schultz has been one of the most dedicated and compassionate members of the SU for the past couple of years and will provide students with incredibly dedicated and effective representation.

VP External: Jim Bailey

One of a few capable candidates, Bailey’s focus on continued community relations and larger, more issue-focused awareness events on campus strike the right chord with me.

VP Events: Alex Vyskocil

By far one of the best candidates I have ever seen in my six years at the U of C–for any position. Failing to vote for Vyskocil is a mistake no student can afford to make.

VP Op-Fi: Angus Campbell

This is a tight race, with a number of good candidates, but I’m taking potential over the proven commodities. Campbell is the one member of Barski’s Cabinet who would seamlessly fit into any potential executive, not simply one with his fellow party members. His experience both in the private sector and as the sitting president of a Vancouver-based charity speak volumes.

Board of Governors: Irene Enyedy

One of many races where more than one candidate could do the job, Enyedy’s extra year of experience puts her over the top. As their philosophies are very similar, Appleby would be wise to keep in touch and learn from her over her term.

Senate: Spoiled ballot

The choice between an inexperienced, uninformed candidate, a candidate with a longer history of politically-motivated litigation than political involvement, and a candidate who was alleged by various parties to have committed fraud to get into office is no choice at all.

Accessability Levy: Yes

Library Levy: Yes

Travel Levy: Yes

U-Pass: No

Until there’s an opt-out, the U-Pass is inherently flawed. I cherish my U-Pass, however there is a time to stand up and take a principled stance, to let Calgary Transit know students aren’t a cash cow. Now is that time.


The levy is a small price to pay for peace of mind and available free legal representation.

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