Ballots – James Keller

By James Keller

President: Bryan West

With no phenomenal candidates in this year’s election, West comes out far ahead of a list of unprepared and unqualified opponents.

VP Academic: Laura Schultz

As one of the most qualified candidates in any race, Schultz is poised to blow her opponents out of the water.

VP External: Kevin Maloney

While he has room to grow, there’s no question Maloney is qualified and will make a good VP external, inching just ahead of Jim Bailey.

VP Events: Alex Vyskocil

Vyskocil is likely the best candidate in this year’s election, in any race. Vyskocil will bristle with original ideas and see a host of successes running the events commission.

VP Op-Fi: Jarrod Fuhr

With a solid grasp of the portfolio and a realistic platform, Fuhr squeaks ahead in a race peppered with surprisingly good candidates.

Board of Governors: Irene Enyedy

Enyedy’s experience will help her jump feet first back into her role on the board, while giving her the opportunity to continue initiatives like her tuition task force.

Senate: Spoiled ballot

With two candidates with questionable records in student politics (one for alleged bylaw infractions, and one for his reaction to last year’s election loss), and another who is simply uninformed, the pickings are depressingly slim.

Accessibility Levy: Yes

Library Assistance: Yes

Academic Travel: Yes


Neither side seems to have their facts straight, lacking a common understanding for even discussing the issue. Reducing the fee (and reducing service) like this seems reactionary and impetuous, and runs the risk of hurting students far more than the current levy.

U-Pass: Yes

Despite what the U-Pass campaign says, no deal isn’t better than the current one. With the end of the post-secondary bus pass and an increase of campus student ridership, the U-Pass is helping far more students than many realize (not to mention the benefits to commuters, in terms of parking). The SU should look for a better deal in the future, but pulling out isn’t the answer.

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