An interview with the Mad Caddies’ Sascha Lazor

By Ivan Danielewicz

On yet another intercontinental tour, Southern California’s Mad Caddies are at it again. Coming back to Calgary to an eagerly awaiting fan base, the Mad Caddies combination of punk and ska is sure to please anyone.

“It’s been like two months of just sitting and relaxing and we’re ready to head back out on the road again,” says guitarist/banjo player Sascha Lazor. “This tour will take us across Canada, the U.S., over to Europe and we’ll probably even end up in Australia.”

Though this is their first 2004 appearance, the Mad Caddies visited twice last year, including a stop over with the Vans Warped Tour. This time they are a part of the Frostbite Tour which has them playing with Pulley, Choke and several others.

“We like to tour a lot so that our fans get to see us, we can’t rely on MuchMusic or MTV to show our stuff,” explains Lazor. “Plus, we just love to party and touring gives us a great opportunity to do that.”

Working off of the success of their last album, Just One More, the Mad Caddies are hoping to take some time off this summer to record another album, but they are looking to give their fans more music by possibly releasing a live album or an EP.

“One of the things that we try to do is incorporate various influences into our music that people wouldn’t normally hear. In our last album, we had a very strong Jazz and Bluegrass influence. A lot of punk bands nowadays sound the same, and we’re just trying to bring something new to the table. Hopefully we’ll have the next album done by early next year, but that depends on how long it takes for us to record.

“Our fans in Canada probably have to be our favorite and we are always well received. Everyone is always happy to see us return and that’s why we love touring up here. Although, the weather does get kinda cold.”

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