BSD: The fifth horse of the Apocalypse

By Richard Bergen

It’s coming…

You’ve waited all year long for this day–bermuda shorts in one hand, funnel in the other and that big shit-eating grin on your face that says "BSD, here I come!" And when Apr. 16 rolls around, you and thousands of other students will be ready to cut loose and party hard as we once again celebrate the end of classes.

For some of you, this BSD thing may be new, but if you haven’t felt the buzz yet, you will soon. Besides a pair of bermuda shorts, what else does it take to get ready for this big day?

Wristbands: The only way you’re getting into the day’s festivities is with a wristband, and the only way to get one of those is to come to the Students’ Union wristband booth. It will be setup in MacEwan Student Centre from Apr. 12-15. Don’t wait until the day of BSD to get your wristband or you will be SOL! Bring your student ID too, or no wristband for you!

Guests: You’re allowed one guest with you to BSD, but you need to be there when they get a wristband. New guest policy this year: there will be a limited amount of non-University of Calgary students permitted in the beer gardens. You want to bring a friend? Better get them a wristband early–once the non-student wristbands are gone, there’s nothing we can do to help.

ID: Even though we ID you at the wristband table, you’ll need it on BSD also. You can’t be in a licensed area without age ID.

Bags: Leave ’em at home, we don’t want any in the beer gardens.

Alcohol: Don’t be stupid. And by that I mean don’t get too drunk to handle yourself. Drink water, eat some food, and if you get into trouble, ask someone for help immediately. BSD’s only as fun as you make it, so stay safe. Also, if you yourself cause any problems, such as fighting or harassing others, you’re not coming back to BSD, the Den or any SU event for as long as we can remember your pretty name and face.

Transportation: Use your U-Pass people! Roadchecks will be in effect, so don’t drink and drive.

Any more questions? Email Have fun kids, and let’s all hope for warm weather!

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