Get ready for BSD

By Herb Mathisen

The road has been long and treacherous, but the end is near. The smell of early morning pancakes, accompanied by ice cold suds, cannot come soon enough for some.

The much-anticipated Bermuda Shorts Day celebrates the last day of classes, which falls on Fri., Apr. 16 this year. Before it was announced the beer gardens were moving inside, Students’ Union Vice-President Events Richard Bergen was expecting 6,000 to 8,000 people to attend.

With so much activity and so many festive students expected to partake in the celebrations, many groups are already preparing for the busy day.

Campus Security will be monitoring BSD events. BSD is a busy day for them with big crowds and injuries such as trip and falls are not uncommon.

"We hope the mood is positive," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz, who is well aware of what can happen when many intoxicated peoples’ moods take a turn for the worse.

As BSD is all about students winding down after a year of school, people inevitably participate in some whole-hearted drinking to blow off steam.

"We worry about the overconsumption of alcohol," said Fritz, pointing out Campus Security has to call EMS every year to assist those who have indulged too much and partied too hard.

Signs have been posted around campus by the SU in an attempt to address this problem. The posters list offenses that can get a participant kicked out of the beer gardens such as extreme intoxication, violence of any kind and bringing in outside liquor.

Another major problem that can arise during BSD is drinking and driving. The SU has devised ways people can leave the event without having to drive under the influence of alcohol.

For example, "Park and Party" parking passes allow students to leave their vehicles at school overnight and pick them up the next day. As well, BSD wristbands allow partiers to ride Calgary Transit for free all day.

Calgary Police will also be setting up Checkstops around campus to deter students from driving impaired and to catch any students who attempt to do so.

"We don’t want any impaired driving accidents," said Fritz, who recommends that students plan how they will get to and from the event before becoming intoxicated.

He added Campus Security will have many help phones around the beer gardens and he told students not to "hesitate to call if you need assistance."

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